Small Area Estimation 2014

3-5 September, Poznan, Poland

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Alessandra Petrucci, Stefano Marchetti, Caterina Giusti, Nicola SalvatiGeographic information in area level models for small area estimation1207
Alina SzkopUsing small area estimators to estimate thenumber of disabled people1043
Andrius ČiginasOn a Concept of Similarity1169
Angela Luna-Hernandez, Alison Whitworth, Li-Chun ZhangBenchmarked synthetic small area estimation1068
Angela Luna-Hernandez, Li-Chun ZhangMultivariate Generalized Structure Preserving Estimation924
Anna MałasiewiczEstimation of Education Level in 2011 National Census of Population and Housing in Poland Using Small Area Estimation901
Bac TranAn Evaluation of Different Small Area Estimators and Benchmarking for the Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll1029
Beate Weidenhammer, Nikos Tzavidis, Timo Schmid, Nicola SalvatiDomain Prediction for Counts using Microsimulation via Quantiles1106
Charlotte Articus, Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf MünnichA Finite Mixture Fay Herriot-type Model for the Estimation of Regional Rents1173
Danny PfeffermannSmall Area Estimation Model Selection and Checking1175
Domingo MoralesPartitioned area-level time models for estimating poverty indicators1363
Elżbieta Gołata, Tomasz KlimanekSAE - education challenges to academics and NSIs931
Enes Ertad UsluSmall Area Estimation With Data Mining Techniques: A Case Study For Turkey976
Enrico Fabrizi, Maria Rosaria Ferrante, Carlo TrivisanoEstimation of value added for rms cross-classi ed by region, industry and size from a repeated survey888
Forough KarlbergSmall Area Prediction for Skewed Data in the Presence of Zeroes1021
Gauri S. Datta, Abhyuday Mandal, Anthony WanjoyaSmall Area Estimation with Uncertain Random Effects1019
Graham KaltonInference Issues in Small Area Estimation940
Grażyna Dehnel, Jacek KowalewskiThe tax register and the social security register in the estimation methodology of short-term statistics in Poland1363
Hanna GruchociakComputational problems in the selection of variables for multilevel models using stepwise regression1142
Harm Jan BoonstraHierarchical Bayesian Small Area Estimation with R2278
Imanol Montoya, Jorge Aramendi, Ines Garmendia, Anjeles IztuetaMixed models for longitudinal data with applications to small area statistics in the Basque Statistical Office1843
Isabel Molina, J.N.K. RaoSAE in poverty mapping1249
J.N.K. RaoInferential Issues in Model-based SAE: Some New Developments1316
Jan KordosInternational Scientific Conference “Small Area Statistics and Survey Design”, Warsaw 19921419
Jan KordosSmall area estimation in official statistics and statistical thinking1310
Jan Kubacki, Alina JędrzejczakSmall area estimation under spatial SAR model2434
Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf MünnichSAE teaching using simulations1016
Jan van den Brakel, Sabine KriegSmall area estimation with state-space common factor models for rotating panels1129
Jay Breidt, Daniel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser, Jean D. OpsomerVariational Approximations for Selecting Hierarchical Models of Circular Data in a Small Area Estimation Application1071
Jerzy Wieczorek, Michael Pane, Rebecca C. SteortsStruggles in Small Area Estimation: Benchmarking and Weighting1005
Kamil WilakTrend Estimation in Labour Force Survey in Poland834
Li-Chun ZhangCensus and SAE: Population size estimation1214
Łukasz WawrowskiEstimation of poverty headcount ratio at LAU 1 level in Poland using Fay-Herriot model831
Łukasz Wawrowski, Marcin Szymkowiak, Andrzej MłodakMapping poverty at the level of subregions in Poland using indirect estimation1336
M.E. López-Vizcaíno, M.J. Lombardía and D. Moralesmme: An R package for small area estimation with multinomial mixed models1802
Magdalena OkupniakMincer model in small area statistics1312
Malay Ghosh,Tatsuya Kubokawa, Yuki KawakuboBenchmarked Empirical Bayes Estimators for Multiplicative Area Level Models1002
Maria Dolores Esteban, Domingo Morales, Augustín PérezArea-level time models in R1042
Mauno Keto, Erkki PahkinenOn sample allocation for efficient small area estimation1515
Michele D’Alo’, Lorenzo Di Biagio, Stefano Falorsi, Andrea Fasulo, Fabrizio SolariBenchmark constraints for space and time unit level EBLUP estimators1090
Miguel Boubeta, María José Lombardía, Domingo MoralesEmpirical best prediction in Poisson mixed models Application to poverty data921
Mike Hidiroglou, Victor EstevaoA comparison of small area and direct estimators via simulation865
Monica Pratesi, Caterina Giusti, Stefano Marchetti, Nicola Salvati, Fosca Giannotti, Dino PedreschiArea level SAE models with measurement errors in covariates: an application to sample surveys and Big Data sources932
Mossamet K. Nesa, Robert G. Clark, Carole L. BirrellAdults Health Status and Behaviours in New Zealand: An Application of Multivariate Fay-Herriot Model1061
Partha LahiriAn Overview of Small Area Estimation with Repeated Survey Data1065
Paul Williamson, Karyn Morrissey, Ferran Espuny-PujolSurvey reweighting as a means to SAE968
Payam MokhtarianOn Outlier Robust Small Area Mean Estimate Based on Prediction of Empirical Distribution Function1504
Ralf MünnichSmall area applications: some remarks from a design-based view909
Ralf MünnichSmall area estimation in the German Census 20111015
Risto LehtonenExperiences and challenges in teaching small area estimation1073
Roy van der WeidePoverty mapping with non-normal nested errors975
Sebastian Warnholz, Timo Schmid, Nikos TzavidisRobust Fay Herriot Estimators in Small Area Estimation1419
Serena Arima, Gauri S. Datta, Brunero LiseoMultivariate Fay-Herriot model with structural measurement error1044
Shonosuke Sugasawa, Tatsuya KubokawaEstimation and Prediction Intervals in Transformed Linear Mixed Models1100
Sumonkanti DasBack Transformation Bias in Poverty Mapping950
Tomasz KlimanekSpatial Approach In Indirect Estimation Of Some Labor Market Characteristics On Rural Areas904
Tomasz ŻądłoOn measuring prediction accuracy in small area estimation in the multivariate case937
Włodzimierz OkrasaSpatial Dynamics of Community Well-Being. Patterns of inequality of local deprivation, Poland 2004-20121013
Wojciech RoszkaCreating small area spatial microdata for multidimensional labor market analysis956
Yahia El-HorbatyA Simple Score Test for Random Effects with Application to Small Area Models1812
Yuki Kawakubo, Tatsuya KubokawaModifi ed conditional AIC in linear mixed models1065
Total number of downloads70974